It was and it still is one of the biggest parts in Johannes' life. Sneaker. 


Johannes got in sneakers from early on. Out of this addiction he started creating custom sneakers in 2015. He is always on the grind to find the coolest & best garments for his JETROIS community.


It's a movement. Through this movement & growing mindset, he is able to work together with different vintage and second-hand stores as well as online providers to get hands-on high-quality rare garments & bags.

From Milan to Hamburg, his eyes on new materials are all across Europe. 


The shoes are 100 % legit and hand-stitched. The individual process takes, depending on the orders, from 2 weeks until 3 months. 

From now on, Johannes wants to create a platform for customers & sneaker friends.


To develop the milestone of Power of Individuality.



Sneakers are not just Shoes. It is a movement, which his difficult to describe. A culture which is reaching from the kids in school until grown business men. Everybody is different, but everybody has one thing in common. To be individual, to be different, to make a statement with his footwork. 


The Customizing Movement, is going one step ahead by giving each sneaker the individual glance it deserves. 

Its range is from having his Name on his very own Sneaker until Deconstructing.